Monday, April 13, 2009

One Story: Meteorology

While I was reading this story today, I was interrupted by an evacuation drill, so that's why I'm so late posting today. At least it was nice outside and I got to take pictures of some absolutely gorgeous tulips.

The story I read today comes again from One Story, the publication I mentioned in my last short story post. Their goal is to publish one really amazing short story every three weeks, and damn if they aren't holding to their word.

Meteorology, by Adin Bookbinder (an amazing last name), is the story of Sunny, a 21-year-old college dropout working at her former college's library. She is dealing (and not dealing well) with her former weatherman father who has a penchant for climbing on the roof of their home and has been diagnosed as a schizophrenic. The meat of this story is Sunny's struggle to gain independence from her all-consuming father without feeling as though she has abandoned him.

This story is all about characterization. It always amazing me how writers can fully develop characters in so few words. But in this story, I felt Sunny's love for and frustration over her father and his condition. I also felt her desire to escape and live a life. I felt her guilt over betraying her father to a home and her denial of the extremity of his condition. Absolutely stellar characterization.

I think I'm cutting the ratings from my short stories. It doesn't seem to make sense, at least for me. I'll just say, I recommend this story.

Check out the One Story website to see an excerpt and an interview with the author.

And since tulips are a sign of spring and therefore weather, here's a picture I took today.


John Mutford said...

Newfoundland writer Wayne Johnston has a book called The Story of Bobby O'Malley about a guy with a weatherman father who also suffers mental illness (though if memory serves, it was depression not schizophrenia). It would be a neat comparison to read the two together.

JoAnn said...

It sounds like this story is a winner...good characterization draws me in every time. There is a family in my town with the last name Bookbinder!

Love your tulips...they aren't in bloom yet here.

marie said...


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