Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reading Journal: First book of 2010

Well, we are officially well into the New Year and I'm officially off to a great start with my reading. This is thanks mostly to a ridiculous number of days off, ridiculously cold weather, and ridiculously strong winds that kept me in about 3 layers of pajamas and 2 blankets for about 5 days straight. So as of today, I have read 5 books and I'm currently working on the sixth, Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey.

Now, to be fair, two of the five I started at the end of 2009. But I'm counting them for 2010 because otherwise I get too confused! The first book I finished was Ring by Koji Suzuki. This is the Japanese book that the movie The Ring was based on (first a Japanese movie, then an American one). From what I can remember of the movie, the plot is similar enough with the main change being the gender of the main character.

The book itself was rather underwhelming. It never really seemed that suspenseful and the language was very bland. I don't know if this is the author or the translator's fault. Certainly Murakami isn't translated that way.

My biggest problem with the plot is the psychic photo phenomenon. We were just supposed to take that ability for granted, as if it were a common psychic occurrence. I for one I have never heard of it and I watch tons of paranormal shows on tv. (I'm not claiming to be an expert, my point is that even with some general knowledge I'd never even heard of it.) There wasn't enough build up of her powers--and it was mostly just conjecture anyway.

Overall it was interesting, but not that exciting or thoughtful. I'd read the next one if I got it through a swap, but I wouldn't buy it.

Ring, Koji Suzuki

*3 out of 5 rating*

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Eva said...

I'm counting books that I began in 2009 and ended in 2010 as 2010 books too. ;) That's too bad your very first book wasn't wonderful, but I hope the rest of the books you've been curling up with are! It's hard to go wrong with Fforde, hehe.