Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fear Street Saga: The Betrayal (Book 1)

Yeah you can't look inside here, I yanked this pic from Amazon
I don't know how many of you out there read R.L. Stine as a kid, but this little subseries was one of my favorites. The Betrayal is the first book in the Saga and tells the story of why so many terrible things happen on Fear Street.

The Betrayal begins with Nora Goode watching in horror as the Fear mansion burns. Quickly you realize that the man (boy?) she loves, Daniel Fear, is trapped in the mansion. In her grief, she runs towards the mansion to save him, but is paralyzed with fear when she sees visions of people burning in the flames. One person in particular stands out: a young girl screaming in horror and pain. Nora quickly realizes that this young girl is tied to a stake. 

The main plot of the book is Nora's written version of the vision she saw in the flames: the betrayal of the pious Goode family by the Fier brothers and the subsequent destruction of both family lines in their search for revenge. By the end it is clear, these two families are doomed play out the same love-story-with-a-terrible-death-and-misery-filled-ending. At the end we are left with the third-generation Fier son, Ezra, leading the way into the second book.

These books are very simple and quick reads and, as long as you know that going in, the book will be enjoyable. There's not much in the way of detail or characterization, which is a shame really because it has a rather enjoyable revenge plot set in the time of the Salem witch trials. I could totally see this basic plot being expanded into a tome-like trilogy. Despite being simplistic, it is still a fun read and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the second book.

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