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Contact Laza regarding books for review at: gimmemorebooks10 [at] gmail [dot] com

I used to be a lot more liberal with the type and number of books I would accept for review. This led to me being unable to keep up with the number of books coming in and contributed to overwhelming me to the point that I stopped blogging for a while. So I've come up with these new policies to help me (and those who would like their books reviewed) determine if I should accept a book for review.

Policies and Guidelines for Books for Review:
  1. Time/Workload: At some point, I have to realize I can only handle reading so many books. I work full-time and part-time and I'm in the process of writing a master's thesis (which you can read about on my thesis blog). I'm also not exactly the Queen of Task Completion. So, it may be that I simply just do not have time to read and review another book.
  2. Review Posts: If I agree to review a book, I will post about the book when I receive it and I will review it once I read it. I will be tagging and labeling all review posts separately from the books I pick up on my own. I will also include links or other information that is given to me, but it will be marked as such. If a book is sent to me to be reviewed, but I have not agreed specifically to review that book and I don't think I can get to it, I will make it available on the website to others who may be interested. I also make my reviews available on GoodReads (which is connected to my book blogger Twitter account). I will always speak my mind in a review, but I will always be respectful to the author and my audience.
  3. Compensation: I don't accept compensation (other than the book, I suppose). This blog is not a source of income for me. Some things should remain sacred, and for me reading is one of those things.
  4. Review Copies/ARCs: This is a tough one for me. Some books may be so amazing that as a bibliophile I may want to keep them. But generally, it has become a personal policy to give books away. This may include giving them away on the website, donating them to my local library, donating to charities that send books to soldiers, or making my friends and coworkers read them. I will NEVER sell the books for profit.
  5. Site traffic: I have no idea and I make no guarantees. Before I took a break from book blogging I had pretty decent traffic. It will take me a while to build it up again, but I fully intend to become a community member again.
"Genres" I'm Interested In:
Like I said above, I'm currently working on a master's thesis. This limits the intellectual brainpower that I can commit to the books I read for pleasure. That being said, if you're positive you have the next great American novel, by all means,  pitch it to me.
  • Young Adult Fantasy or Sci/Fi: If you look back over the blog or my goodreads profile, you will quickly see that this is by far the category I read from the most. I know the most about this "genre". Middle grade falls in here too (like the Percy Jackson series or the 39 clues series).
  • Dystopian novels: Of any kind really.
  • Mystery/thriller: Especially of the Nordic variety. I'm looking for something a little different here. Arnaldur Indriðason is a good marker for this.
  • Graphic novels: My favorite series is Fables. I also really enjoyed Bone.
  • Long-form journalism, creative nonfiction, literary journalism: Whatever you want to call them: books in the tradition of In Cold Blood. (I'm not an expert in any field, I generally review them on their literary merits. I have studied this genre in both undergrad and grad school.)
  • Short stories: I took a grad class a couple years ago, so I have a decent grounding in the classics such as Chekhov. I have really come to appreciate this form.
You're welcome to email me regarding any book, but these are the books that I am most likely to accept for review.

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